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A mechanism to automatically generate test cases for REST API testing

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244445D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-13
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The disclosure discloses a method to automatically generate full coverage test cases for REST API testing based on analysis of the complicated API dependency, and automatically generate automation test suite (including test script and test data) for REST API testing.

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A mechanism to automatically generate test cases for REST API testing

REST-based API are increasingly being preferred for integration with backend enterprise services. REST API test becomes important for ensuring software quality.

Existing test approaches and problems
For manual testing, there are some browser adds-on to support webservice testing, the tools can make a HTTP request, set customer headers, present JSON or XML responses, etc.

For automation testing, there are some open source libraries to support webservice testing in Java, Python, Ruby or Groovy

For either of above, testers need to design test cases, figure out pre-requisite data, then execute the tests. For a complicated system, its APIs have many combinations of input, and lots of pre-requisites dependency for execution. So it's very difficult for testers do the good coverage in the test.

Disadvantages of existing solution: Manually design test cases

Need to figure out the pre-requisites, and get them ready before testing Test coverage is limited due to resource constraints

An innovative mechanism to automatically test REST APIs

Core idea of the mechanism:

Parse REST API specifications and Database schema

Analyse the dependencies between REST API & API, REST API & DB table, DB table & table

For each REST API:

Generate test dataset based on API specifications and rules of test strategy

Generate automation test script to get pre-requisite data ready, and test the API

Execute all the automation tes...