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System and method of transaction-based converged monitoring for messaging middleware Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244446D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-13
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For messaging middleware transferring critical transaction data in messages, it's important to monitor all the objects along the transaction path inside the middleware, to guarantee the system is running at a safe level without any risk to business. However if the transaction path is dynamic and subject to change in run-time, or if the need of monitoring is against a specific customized type of transactions, then the existing prior-arts cannot solve it well with various limitations. Therefore, this disclosure introduces a transaction-based converged monitoring system and approach. It can track any specific type of transaction messages, record all types of objects along dynamic transaction paths within messaging middleware, and generate a converged monitoring result set by consolidating accurate object status information recorded in real-time. This enables users to obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of the dynamic transaction processing status inside message middleware.

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System and method of transaction

System and method of transaction-

Messaging middleware is software or hardware infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between various types of systems . For transaction processing systems which use messaging middleware, transaction data is represented as messages, and is transferred through messaging middleware between the requester and transaction servers. To satisfy extensive and varying demands on the types of transactions, business users will customize some message properties within the message to store some transaction fields (like transaction ID, customer name, account number, line of business, etc). Transaction messages travel within messaging middleware through many types of objects along the transaction paths, like different types of queues, channels, topics, subscriptions, applications, etc. When users monitor messaging middleware, they tend to view it from a transactional point of view, focusing on the objects which are related with transactions.

If things go wrong, users may have the requirement like "My system is so out of control that I don't really know who is creating and consuming important messages, but I need to get a clearer picture of what's going on and where the problems might be". However, they will encounter some pains as below:

- It's difficult to accurately know what objects within the messaging middleware are related with a specific type of transactions . It's even more complex if the transaction path varies in real-time.

- Users need to compose and issue a set of monitoring commands of messaging middleware one by one to get all status information related with the transaction they care.

Our solution proposes a system of transaction-based converged monitoring for messaging middleware. It allows users to set the types of transactions (identified by transaction fields in message properties) to be monitored, then a Message Transaction Field Parser of messaging middleware can perform message level discovery to find out all the objects along transaction paths, and record them into a Message Transaction Object Table. Then a single converged monitoring command can be issued to accurately retrieve the status information of all these transaction related objects and display converged results.

The advantages of our solution include:

- It enables users to accurately and dynamically discover and monitor the status all the related objects along the transaction path within messaging middleware. Users don't have to rely on pre-existing knowledge of transaction paths or discover the objects manually. It can support even if the transaction path is changing in run time.

- It allows users to specify what types of transactions for the converged monitoring, which improve the adaptability of monitoring against extensive customized transactions in real business world.

- The coverage of object types in messaging middleware is complete, rather than the narrow coverage in prior-a...