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A two element/aerofoil high-lift configuration.

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Publication Date: 2015-Dec-14
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A two element/aerofoil high-lift configuration.

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A two element/aerofoil high-lift configuration is illustrated below in Figure 1 (retracted and deployed). In these there are item ‘a)’ is the main wing,’ b)’ & ‘c)’ form the elements of the 2 element flap system. Element illustrated as ‘b)’ is the intermediate element. An axis system Z-O-X is defined with OX is oriented from nose to the tail of the aircraft.


Figure 1: A two element flap system retracted (left picture) and standard deployment as per prior art (right picture)

A two element high-lift configuration is illustrated in Figure 1(right side) in the deployed position with ‘b)’ as the intermediate element in a standard (prior art) deployment pattern.

The technology proposes to place one or more elements of the flap, here ‘b)’ at a position above the top trailing edge of the main wing element (here ‘a)’) as illustrated in Figure 2. In case of a flap configuration with more than 1 element, one or more elements (in this case b) and c)) are/is proposed to be deployed above the main surface ‘a)’ top side trailing edge

Figure 2: Proposed deployed high lift configuration

The Figure 3 shows the element ‘a)’ (main wing) with the point O’’ defining the top trailing edge.

Figure 3: Illustration of the top trailing edge of element a)

The tangent at point O’’ is defined by the line T-T.An axis system Z’’-O’’-X’’ is defined with origin O’’ at the top trailing edge and axis O’’-X’’ oriented along T-T is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Axis system Z”-O”-X” with origin at top trailing edge of a) and oriented along tangent at O”

Figure 5 defines the trailing edge of element ‘b)’ as TE(b) and the leading edge O’ as the intersection of a minimum radius circle centred at TE(b) which encloses the element ‘b)’ with the aerofoil.

Figure 5: Illustration of Trailing edge and leading edge of element b)

In Figure 6 below an axis system Z’-O’-X’ is illustrated with the origin O’ as defined in Figure 5 and the O’-X’ always oriented parallel...