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An approach to send notification on demand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244470D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-15
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E-mail notification is widely used in community , web site or software system to let user get interest information when changes happened. But there is very clear drawback is that user will get a lot mails when they are not active in the email side. This article provide an approach to contain this drawback with a very simple mechanism , just need slidely change the email server architect.

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An approach to send notification on demand

Currently a lot of software development toolkit or website use email notification mechanism to notify user the information they need or the action need to take. But there is a problem , user will usually receive a lot of useless notification or duplicate notification . Actually , when the user is not logged in the email system , the notification are useless to the subscriber , they will only read the notifications when they logged in the email system. Such as the defect tracking system , usually the system will notify the defect owner or subscriber a email when the defect be modified or update . Or the eCommerce website , they will notify you a lot email when the items price changes or new promotion event comes. So in this invention , we will provide an approach to reduce the duplicate or useless notifications , and the approach will not need the end user to configure complex mail rules or subscribe rules , make the notification on demand and also save time for the subscriber to read a lot of duplicate or similar emails.

Provide an approach to let the software system or website know that the subscriber is logged on the email system , then send the notification to subscriber ,and the notification content include the whole changes since subscriber last time log on the email system.

1.The software system or website use email account as registration user name and will post to user an activation email to activate the account.

2.User will click the activation URL in the mail box and the software system or website account will be activated.

3.The software system or website send a URL to user mail box , this URL is for the email server to post the user login status to the software system or website....