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L-SHAPED AIR BAG Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244480D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-15
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Nowadays, a number of air bags inside vehicles have been adopted to protect the driver or passengers. Further, some companies are now extending their efforts to research on installing airbags outside vehicles to protect pedestrians in case pedestrians unfortunately crash against the vehicles during unwanted events. Among the aforementioned unwanted events, cyclists who were hurt during accidents like crashing against vehicles especially against car doors have been reported repeatedly by media and have drawn worldwide attention. It's reported that a number of such traffic accidents occur because bicyclists are distracted due to lots of unexpected factors, including but not limited to weak light or high speed. This leads to the question of how to protect cyclist if they unintentionally crash on car door when door is open or particularly is being opened?

An L-shaped airbag is proposed herein and is believed to provide advantages hopefully addressing some of the issues mentioned above.


An exemplary design is proposed herein to add the above mentioned L-shaped airbag into door trims. And upon detecting an impact above a predetermined threshold on the car door, the airbags will deploy into an L- shape to protect the cyclists- the triggering condition of which may be the same as current airbags.

The design may be implemented better when taking into consideration of the following key points:

1. Key components:

The important components to carry out the inventive concept: Impact detector(for instance vibration detector), airbag inflator, L-shape airbag.

The L-shape airbag and the impact detector may be installed inside the door trim. W...