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Adjust the mobile device volume base on the user habit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244566D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-22
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With the rapid growth of mobile technology, mobile phone becomes the most popular communication device in daily life. People usually receive phone call in any environment, maybe noisy or quiet. But when user receives a phone call, the speaker or headset of the mobile phone keeps the same call volume. User can not hear the voice clearly in noisy environment, and maybe the voice is loudly in quiet night. The method is to collect user's behavior, set user's preference automatically or manually, tune the voice column based on user's preference. With the proper preference setting, user can hear high volume voice in noisy environment and low volume in quiet environment. This method can be used on all currently mobile device without additional hardware change.

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Adjust the mobile device volume base on the user habit

If this function turns on the mobile phone will work as below.

1. Collect User's Behavior Habits

The data are collected basing on user using mobile phone's habit, mobile phone's location information.The system will collect those data in background. Repeatedly.


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2. Analyze and Volume Setter

Based on the data we collected in step 1, the system can set the volume. For example, if user always in a subway which is very nosie, the system will turn up the volume. If the user always arrive home on 7:00PM, the system may turn down the volume because its quiet at home.


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