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SCINTILLATOR TRACKING Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244573D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-23
Document File: 5 page(s) / 89K

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A technique utilizing complete micro quick response (QR) code or segmented QR code for tracking a scintillator pack is disclosed. The complete micro QR code and the segmented QR code are applied on the scintillator reflector in order to track a scintillator pack definitely and throughout a detector manufacturing process and in the final detector array. A segmented QR code is placed on a corner of the scintillator pack to denote orientation. Further, the segmented QR code is applied for serialization and furnishing scintillator part information data. An imager or QR code reader is used to read the segmented QR code and an imaging algorithm is used to stitch the QR code together or regroup the QR code to produce a whole QR code image matrix. For implementation in scintillator pack production, laser etched QR code is used as orientation fiducial and laser etch machine is used to incorporate additional etching on pack surface so as to be used as fiducials for grid placement.