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Using queries in Model Based Document Generation(MBDG) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244577D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-23
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Generating documents out of engineering models is a key capability for model based systems and software engineering. One approach to provide this capability is Model-Based Document Generation (MBDG) in which the user models the document while making references to the engineering models for rendering content in the right place. However, MBDG may become complicated to do when iterations over the model with different criteria is necessary. We have developed a new method that introduces query mechanism for iterating models in different contexts and thus simplifying the way documents are specified in a model and improves significantly how MBDG is applied to generate documents out of models in a way that allows high re-use of the document models.

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Using queries in Model Based Document Generation (

Today for creation report on models an additional tool should be used (Reporter Plus or Publishing Report Engine)

Firstly users create template with the specific rules for report generation (schema) and instructions which collect a data from a model.

For example in RPE users create template with Rhapsody schema and use queries to collect data from a model (such as get all classes, get packages and etc ...)

This process is very difficult since it requires a lot of time and deep knowledge of specific rules(schema),

Also many queries in schema a limited to provide specific data ( such as get all classes, get packages and etc ...)

The solution which we invented is based on MBDG.

MBDG allows to model report, to generate a template from it and to report on model using RPE with generated template

However, today MBDG uses references to existing system model elements. This approach doesn't allow effectively to replace and extends reporting tool data collection (queries)

    Our invention is to use a modeling tool query mechanism to collect data from a model and to embed the references to these model elements inside a template.

This template will be used by report generation tool to generate report

This idea is partially implemented inside Rhapsody using MBDG profile and automation .

As first step we model a report .

Secondly we can add a chapter the report which will elaborate on any specific set of the model elements .( For...