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A subsea converter module for a subsea power system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244592D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-23
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A subsea converter module (1) for a subsea power system has an input (2), an output, an arrangement (3) configured to deliver a direct voltage to a plurality of inverters (5-8) configured to deliver an alter-nating voltage on said output to a subsea consumer (10) of electric power. A control unit (9) is configured to individually control the fre-quency and magnitude of the voltage delivered by each said con-verter (5-8) on the output of the converter module.

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A subsea converter module for a subsea power system


The present invention relates to a subsea converter module for a sub-

sea power system, said converter module having an input, an output, an arrangement configured to deliver a direct voltage to an inverter of the module and a said inverter configured to deliver an alternating volt- age on said output to a subsea consumer of electric power.

Such a subsea power system may receive power in the form of high or medium AC or DC voltage through a subsea cable from a power station onshore, from an existing platform located at sea in an off-shore oil and/or gas field or in any other conceivable way. A said subsea con- sumer may for example belong to different types of subsea electric mo-

tors, such as for driving individually controlled impellers of subsea pumps. A subsea converter module of this type is accordingly designed to deliver an alternating voltage on the output thereof suitable to be used by a said subsea consumer.


Known subsea converter modules of the type defined above have a said arrangement in the form of a rectifier connected to one said inverter, which is suitable in the case of a few said consumers, especially for

high voltage/high power loads. However, when a said subsea converter module is to be arranged in a subsea power system in the form of a subsea field comprising a number of wells and installations, this will not be particularly convenient, since the subsea power system will in such a case often have to feed a high number of low power/low voltage loads

requiring an equally high number of said converter modules. These con- verter modules will then together result in a considerable cost in this context.

There is of course an ongoing attempt to improve the layout of said

subsea power systems not at least for reducing the costs thereof both








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with respect to construction and operation of such systems without sac- rificing operation reliability of the systems.


The object of the present invention is to provide a subsea converter module of the type defined in the introduction being improved in at least some aspect with respect to such subsea converter modules already known.

This object is obtained by providing such a module with the features listed in the characterizing part of appended patent claim 1.

By constructing a subsea converter module in that way a plurality of said subsea consumers may be fed with electric power by one single

converter module and by that the number of such converter modules of a said subsea power system be reduced, which results in a saving of costs, which will be particularly great in the case of a subsea power system comprising a large number of low voltage power consumers. Thanks to said control unit of the module an individual control of the

frequency and/or magnitude of the voltage delivered to each said con- su...