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Process and system for carbon dioxide removal from natural gas Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244593D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-23

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A process and system for removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas using membranes is disclosed. The process comprises providing a separation unit (1) with a membrane (2) selectively permeable to carbon dioxide over methane (CH4), the membrane defining a permeate route (3) and a retentate route (4) through the separation unit (1); feeding a hydro carbonaceous (HC) stream (F) with a CO2 content through the separation unit (1), thereby obtaining a CO2-rich permeate (3a) and a CO2-lean retentate (4a) respectively; splitting the CO2-lean retentate into an export gas stream (4a) and a sweep gas stream (4b), and supplying the sweep gas stream (4b) to the permeate route (3) in the separation unit (1).