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System and method of e-Transparent Paper Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244595D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-24

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Everyday we have lots of documents and files to handle. When we write some new documents and want to check some other documents as reference, the switch between new created documents and reference documents and files is very exhausting. Sometimes when we write new documents we search information in Internet and in different webpages, the switch between new created documents and webpages is also exhausting. With this invention e-transparent paper. The new created documents is transparent and we can easy see the under document but edit in the front document. The work efficiency will be increased with reduction of switch. The solution divides the editor into two regions: one is solidified region with the contents input by the editor; the other one is transparent to view the base document. This solution 1. Make the document being referred to easy to read/copy/paste When we're editing one document and wanting to refer to other ones. This solution can make the editor read/copy contents from the base document in a transparent view. 2. The non-transparent view to display the contents input by the editor could be scrolled and viewed clearly by the editor. Such function provide convenience for users who need refer to the documents intensely like translation, extracting the key points during reading books, writing papers according to some materials being referred to.