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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244611D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-29
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Cognitive based solution to recommend the right type and number of plants for healthy life after analysing associated parameters / factors

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Right type and number of plants plays important role for an individual / family to lead a healthy and prosperity. It is challenging to identify that which are right and of plants are need based on multiple influencing factors / parameters eg individual / combined families' demographic; bio-metric; emotional; social and others including environmental factors / parameters. There is a need for solution to recommend the right type and number of plants for healthy life after analysing associated parameters / factors.

Current solution in the marketplace, are very limited or no comprehensive solution to address challenge mention above, till date. Solution provide generic solution as people are turning to 'green'-mechanisms to reduce the rate of global warming. However, it is challenging to customise and identify the right solution to the need which would advise / recommend the customer right plants accordingly.

The solution will gather the information either direct input from user, wearable devices or authenticated industry applications as depicted in the chart below. It will also gather the Person Sensitive Information; needed a good security system (this is out of scope of this innovation. Based on the gathered information (structured and unstructured). Solution with identify the patterns and with help of Cognitive Systems and expert opinion, it will provide recommendations to user.

Realized application / solution will follow following steps to address problem stated above with loop back aka feedback system (these steps could be sequenced differently, depending on the existing information)

Fig 1: Details of the Solution

Step 1: Solution / application will gather the information directly from the existing solution / application through their interfaces (which might be exposed using different technologies eg webservices; api and other) and through direct user inputs. These information will be broadly in following categories (which are also depicted in fig. 1) which could be extended as per future need:

· Psychological profile
· Lifestyle and health profile
· Environmental profile
· Personal and


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demographic profile

Received Personal Sensitive

Information will be preserved in the secure storage. An in-build security framework will ensure security of the information from tempering while gathering, accessing and storing;

Step 2: Inbuilt intelligent module will separate relevant information from the unnecessary (noise) information;

Step 3: Filtered information will be pass through another intelligent module of the system which will classify / categorize in to different group;

Step 4: in-built logic will further analyze categorized information and will identify the pattern. It is possible that this point proposed solution / application will interact with Cognitive systems or SMEs to assess the identified patterns. Solution / application will be also be storing the inputs from Cognitive systems / S...