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Continuous Forms Printer Threading Aid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244613D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-29
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Continuous Forms Printer Threading Aid

Authors: Matthew Lampey, Tim Van Donselaar, Gloria Glentz

Disclosed is a device for service personnel, technicians, and operators to speed up the re-webbing of equipment after repairs and or cleanings of the equipment. This portable Threading Aid can be transported in a suitcase or briefcase to the site for quick use. The modified trapezoid shape helps the paper bend and move around sharp turns and S rollers.

Materials used in the Threading Aid is of HDPE (high density polyethylene) or you can us a pliable polyethylene, Nylon, or Teflon. The Threading Aid is a modified trapezoid shape with measurements of 2 ½ inches at the short base, 10 inches height, and the modified long base at 17 inches. (See figure 1)

Figure 1

80 feet woven polyester flat cord is attached to the Threading Aid through the two center ½ inch holes. Then the cord is attached by adhesive tape to the Threading Aid. (See figure 2 & 3) The flat core prevents damage to the sensitive rollers in the equipment and keeps the paper following path so no rollers are missed or routed incorrectly.

By folding the paper over the Threading Aid (See figure 4) you will have even tension across the paper. This will help when paper is pulled back though the equipment to prevent tears and rips.

The Short base of the trapezoid fashions a point when the paper is folded over the Threading Aid. This malleable point helps move paper around the S rollers and though tight turns, gu...