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Determined Estimation of Ink Cost on the Entire Job from History of Ink Usage and Structure of the PDF Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244614D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-29
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Determined Estimation of Ink Cost on the Entire Job from History of Ink Usage and Structure of the PDF

Authors: Marquis Waller, Erik Fritz, Joe Stradling, Ned Otey

This invention uses the historic ink usage data from the printers in the print shop, along with job and resource history to give an accurate estimate of the entire job. This invention does not require a complete transform of the PDF to TIF each time, but uses past information to build up an algorithm of cost of each page an only transforming when absolutely necessary. This allows for a fast, automated way to provide estimates as part of a print shops workflow.

This invention would work by gathering data over time as each job goes through the print shop workflows. Data gathered would be about the resources the PDF uses, images the PDF may have, pages, fonts, and other information about the PDF structure that affect ink usage. Also stored will be ink usage from the printer(s) for each job. The ink usage will either be gotten for each job by an automated or manual fashion depending on the support the printer provides. The PDF resources and Ink usage for the job will be kept together to know the actual cost of that job for ink and the resources that caused the ink usage. Also the ability for exception handling on a jobs ink usage would be available. As new work comes it to be estimated, it will use the historic data to look at its own data structure, images it has, fonts used, etc to determine from past history how much ink will be used for the entire job for each printer the print shop has. If the algorithm determines there is not enough historic data to determine the ink usage, it will transform the images only in the PDF and compare those TIFs to the other TIFs stored on past jobs...