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Interact Flash awareness sheet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244617D
Original Publication Date: 2015-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2015-Dec-30
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Quick description sheet of EMV enabled interact Flash, a contactless payment system based on the EMV chip

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Interac Flash®

 The fast, secure way to use your own money.

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Interac Flash® awareness sheet

Not all contactless payment technologies are created equally. Interac Flash uses EMV®† secure chip processing  to protect consumers against fraudulent activity, including skimming, counterfeiting, transaction replay types of fraud, and tactics such as electronic pick-pocketing.

By accepting Interac Flash, merchants continue to receive the benefits of secure and non-refutable transactions, including no chargebacks associated with PIN-based Interac Debit, while offering their customers a fast and convenient check-out experience.

Interac Flash has all of the security features of Interac Debit, plus additional security features as a contactless payment technology.

• Interac Debit security features:
~ Secure chip and PIN processing.

~ Real-time payment from the cardholder's account.

~ Card must be present at the point-of-sale. The number on
the front of the Interac debit card is just an identifier, not an account number. It cannot be used for online debit transactions.

~ Interac Zero Liability Policy means cardholders are protected and will be reimbursed 100% for all fraudulent transactions.

• Additional security for Interac Flash transactions:
~ There are single transaction and cumulative spend limits in place. No single transaction can exceed $100 and the total of consecutive contactless transactions (cumulative spend), as set by the financial ins...