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A method to retreive passwords with NFC tags Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244626D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-30
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This invention proposes a novel way to get back passwords by using NFC tags. The main concept is to save encrypted passwords in NFC tags, and the clear password can be returned if the user passes the fingerprint validating. The key ideas of this invention are: with a NFC tag based method for getting back passwords (User can get back the passwords simply by scanning the NFC tags) and with an index-order-keeping (IOKE) mechanism for NFC tag information encryption (Encrypt user's passwords and save encrypted passwords in NFC tag and with the feature that keeping index order even the passwords are modified and re-encrypted).

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A method to retreive passwords with NFC tags

Nowadays more and more users are bothered by sorts of password problems. It is not an easy work to find an effective way to keep myriad passwords safe and secret. Also, it is always preferred
to retrieve and maintain passwords whenever and wherever they are needed.

However the present password management mechanisms can not meet users' requirements in security, user experience, privacy protection and some other areas. For example,
1. Remember by memory
Users only keep passwords in their mind. Obviously the drawback of this approach is the scalability, especially when the number of passwords keeps increasing, while the rules required by different systems are quite different.

2. Save as clear text
Some users intend to save passwords in clear text format, e.g. using some plain text documents. This approach simplifies the way of managing passwords as well as introducing some security risks, therefore users could suffer from inestimable losses if the documents used to keep passwords are leaked. Another potential problem brought in by this approach is the document can be damaged or lost after a system upgrade.

3. Encrypt password
Encrypting passwords with a third party software seems to be a good choice as encryption can enhance the password security, but there are still some problems. First is the potential risk in user validation, since the password that used to encrypt the password book can be stolen and the authentication mechanism may not be able to recognize attackers that pretend to be the genuine user identity. Second, the encrypted password book can be damaged or lost. To deal with this, some special hardware is used to protect the encrypted password book, but this method also increases the password management cost and the system integration difficulty.

This invention proposes a novel way to get back passwords by using NFC tags.The advantage of this proposal includes:

1. The password security is greatly improved by fingerprint validation and encryption.

2. NFC tags meets the low-cost req...