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Method and System for Virtualization of Sensor, Bricks and Actuators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244629D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-30
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Disclosed is a method and system for virtualization of Sensor, Bricks and Actuators.

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Method and System for Virtualization of Sensor , Bricks and Actuators

A method and system is disclosed for virtualization of Sensor, Bricks and Actuators.

In accordance with the system disclosed herein, a virtualized environment is created. The virtualized environment enables availability of transducer characteristics on a cloud. Further, values that can be sensed by the transducers (virtualized) are parametrized. The same are made available in standards infrastructure. Accordingly, a library of functions is created for app developers so that the app developers have access to all kinds of transducers as per project requirements. Also, a mechanism is provided the transducers (virtualized) to invoking processors.

Consider an exemplary scenario, a developer may be developing a mobile app for interacting with plurality of sensors for meeting an objective. In accordance with the method and system disclosed herein, the virtualized environment provides virtualized form of the plurality of sensors. Further, a parametrization library is provided for tweaking values/parameters for providing/testing multiple functionalities. Since, the plurality of sensors are made available in virtualized form, the developer doesn't need to physically procure real sensors. Such virtualized sensors interact with the mobile app to provide a functionality.

Thus, the method and system provides the virtualized environment to app developers, thereby facilitating efficient development of apps wi...