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A method for direction guidance and data pre-load based on the signal strength map Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244637D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-04
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In this disclosure, a direction guidance method based on the signal strength is proposed. In the method, vivid emoticons are placed in mobile screen to indicate the signal strength. The emoticons indicate the signal strength. When the user moves, emoticons change according to the real-time signal strength. This method can benefit users when they want to make phone calls or connect to internet with mobile devices.

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A method for direction guidance and data pre

A method for direction guidance and data pre-


Imagine that on a cold weekday morning, a throng ofcommuters in a subway, stony-faced and yawning sometimes, have to spend over one hour towards their destination, where mobile devices of every conceivable kind are found with effortless observation. The commuters pathetically turn to these electronic gadgets either to kill the time or to handle business cases. Be it whichever purpose, how they survive the long journey depends largely on the volatile signal strength.

For example, a passenger was surfing the Internet for sensational news through an App installed on the mobile phone when the signal strength became weakened. What followed was that the passenger could do nothing over it and all was asked of him was patience and murmuring if only the news had been pre-loaded…

The scenes when users suffer from poor signal strength never exist singly. When users walk or travel outside, they don't have the slightest idea of the signal strength surrounding us. For example, taking a taxi elsewhere increases our risks of being lost in signal strength and, what's worse, they feel agitated, helpless, and desperate as regards what to do next. How users wish then an angel would descend upon us and show us a direction with sufficient signal strength to support our personal issues or work at hand .

Core ideas

Core ideas:


In the method, the 180°area in front of the user is divided into three 60°sectors, which represents the direction the user might go - the front, left, and right. An vivid emoticon is placed in each sector to indicate the signal strength. The sector with a smiley face has the strongest signal....