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System and method for multi store product configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244675D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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Proposed here is a system and method which allows customers to configure and opt configurable product offers from more than one e-commerce store .

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System and method for multi store product configuration
Today customers product interest is not limited to one e-commerce store , there are numerous stores where customers choose each product from . Offers for same product vary from one e-commerce store to another. But when a customer configures products he does not have a choice or a way to configure products form different stores based on his interest or configure one product based on another product from 2 or more stores . Or configure products from one or more stores based on offers . While configuring products some stores also mandates on buying products for configuration complete .

A system and method is proposed where in a hosted configurator solution is deployed by a third party or retailers from which the customers initiates the configurator flow . Along with the products the customer chooses the e-commerce store for different products while configuring based on offers ,price, his interest etc . The hosted configurator request the required product data form the revellent stores . Once the configuration is done the hosted configurator places the order to the stores chosen by the customers .

Advantages :

Customer is presented with more options

Customers are not limited to one store or configurable product of one store Customer can opt for the best offers across stores for configurable product . Retailers can sell configurable products in another platform.

Modules : Configurator : Configurator, also known as choice boards, design systems, toolkits, or co-design platforms, are responsible for guiding the user through the configuration process. In this proposal the configurator will be an hosted solution by third party or retailers . herein, along with the model (product data) store, brand ,compatibility and offer related data will also be part of model for customer to choose.

Common data formatter : The data collected from various retailers have different data format . The common data formatter collects all this data and converts it to a common data format .The terms


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used for product,store,item,partnumber etc will be different from one store to another . The format of

data interchange will differ from one store to another example xml .json etc . The common data formatter will have different interfaces implemented and convert these data to a common format to create models .

Dynamic model generator : Generates model based on user r...