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System and method for identifying optimum tests to run in continuous delivery model and agile methodology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244683D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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As most software organizations are moving from once in a year delivery model of software updates to Continuous delivery model and agile methodology. In this scenario we need to make testing most effective as limited time will be available between each delivery. In the article we provide a method to identify most optimum and appropriate test suites that can be run to test the changed code.

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System and method for identifying optimum tests to run in continuous delivery model and agile methodology


In the continuous delivery model changes to software will be delivered in small short intervals, instead of one big final change. In Agile methodology changes to software are done in a incremental fashion by reviewing effectiveness of current functionality.

In the above scenario, the article provides a process(Flow) by which we can choose optimum number of testsuites for a given code change.

1. Testsuites are prioritized based on number of hits for each function.
2. Then top testsuites are selected.

3. Then optimum testsuites are identified by merging top test suites.

This will greatly benefit testing. As testing can be done in a short time. Ensures coverage for all functions changed.

In other solutions

1. They can prioritize the test suites.

2. They cannot choose optimum test list to cover all functions.

3. They will endup missing some functions being covered or endup choosing too many testsuites.

Advantages of the proposed article over known solution

1. To give coverage for all changed functions.

2. Be able to select number of testsuites from each function.

3. Select top testsuites for each functions.

4. Select most appropriate test suites, that can cover all functions changed.

Description of the process



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The information about number of time a function is hit by each testsuite is collected by running trace on the produ...