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Smarter Notification for WaterFlow Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244684D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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Disclosed here is method to detect water flow and provide notification.

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Smarter Notification for WaterFlow

Water today is one of the most important natural resource which is getting depleted and causing scarcity in many parts of the world. Due to scarcity of water, many countries are putting cap on its distributions and usage. In countries or cities where water is not available 24x7 and are distributed on timely basis, it becomes necessary for people to be physically present to collect potable water during the defined time slot. If one is not available due to some reason or due to change in time of water supply, it becomes a challenge and one has to purchase it from the market at higher price to survive. Water supply at random time has become challenge for many and it needs constant monitoring for regular storage and usage. The solution which we are proposing will eliminate the need of constant monitoring of water supply and will help the person to collect it whenever its available for distribution. This solution will send notifications to people whenever there is water available in the distribution pipeline. Currently this process is manual and needs constant monitoring by a person. This system will notify the user about the arrival of water through notification system in place.

Our solution comprises of Water flow detector, Water pressure detector and Notification System.

Water flow detector :- Water flow detector would be detector with flow detection sensor which with trigger actions once the water flow is detected. Obstruction s...