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System and method for Conversation Enabler in Shared Rides Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244692D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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Shared transportation services to minimize pollution, traffic jams and snarls has been around for a long time .With the advent of smart phones, apps that link people to available shared rides are present in various forms. However the aspect of making the journey useful for commuters has not been addressed properly. Shared taxi journeys can be made interesting, useful and enjoyable to the people sharing the ride. Also while the same set of travelers with same interest and sharing a ride over a period of time could have a balance, still there are instances where the mood and needs of the traveler for a ride on a specific day can vary and hence the secondary goals of making the ride have a value beyond reaching the destination are not met. Also, a given traveler can have a larger set of travel partners than the generally participating group that the traveler will reach to for different purposes on different days based on some objectives. Where there are multiple choices possible or a traveler has a requirement of an outcome from the travel, using or specifying a mood guidance, appropriate choice of group can be made and if the travel period has the required outcome beyond reaching the destination, a way to acknowledge the others for the outcome as a reciprocating measure does not exist. While feedback on the trip, about the transport corporation or driver is available, to do so for the co-travelers is a gap that is addressed in this idea.

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System and method for Conversation Enabler in Shared Rides

This paper proposes a mobile-app based solution for enabling a productive and positive environment in a shared ride which includes discussions & other activities as outcome based social collaboration which can have tangible and intangible benefits. There is a privilege of indicating to the fellow travelers in the ride on the overall mood and sentiment amongst them in advance or during the ride that can have a

positive impact on the journey. This idea also has a feature of gifting emotional value points to the fellow travelers based on the mood alteration during the trip. Emotional value gift points can also be gifted if the

purpose for which the ride had been booked is met successfully. A user may decline or accept travel based on the overall mood of the car predicted by the algorithm, which in turn takes into consideration the current mental state of each individual as selected while booking the ride or updating it at anytime

prior to the start of the ride.

 There will be a color map in the app which will determine the present mood of a traveler just before the start of the ride. Up to just before the ride, the user can select a color in the color map. Each color as well as combination of various colors will be mapped to various moods and related activities in the backend. The colors would alsodenote some types of outcomes expected in the trip.Based on the color combination selected by the user the app will analyze and predict the mood of the traveler and also state the type of activity they may want to perform within the boundaries of the vehicle. The predicted mood will be sent to the fellow travelers who will be expected to co-operate & empathize accordingly. The app can also be fed with information from wearable devices which determine the current mood of the person. Overall mood/sentiment derived from the map will be shared with the co-commuters in their respective smart phones and will be displayed on a LED display (which will be connected to owner's phone via blue tooth) in the vehicle to enable preparation and at the end of the ride, people who have filled the present mood will have an ability to gift points if the emotional wellbeing was uplifted for them in the ride. The co passengers will get the emotional value gift points individually on their smart phones. The dynamic mood change during the course of ride will also be captured from each passenger and in case of significant change, the co-passengers would also be alerted on the same. This would help in maintaining a healthy empathy quotient during the trip among all travelers during the course of the trip.

 There will be an input from the car owner each day while confirming a ride to the co passengers about the type of activities which will take place during the ride. Activities may include playing of songs related to a particular Singer or discussion related to certain topics. There could also b...