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Method to create bookmarks and navigate for selected content in web pages viewed in browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244695D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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The article talks about the mechanism where in we would be able to highlight selected text as per user each time they visit web page.

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Method to create bookmarks and navigate for selected content in web pages viewed in browser

Background: Web has become universal resource from quick reference guide to a full blown university. We rely heavily on web content like static pages, blogs, forums, web-based courses and many more for our accomplishing our daily tasks. There'll be many resources which we visit quite often as a habit. That's the reason the 'bookmark' feature in browsers comes so handy to revisit them whenever needed.

Problem: Content is the king no doubt, but more than often it becomes so overwhelming that only a selected part (words/lines/sentences/sections) drive our reading or in other words capture the crux, of otherwise the ocean of text. Bookmark feature in browser is great but when we land into those bookmarked pages, we feel like lost in the sea of text making it difficult to quickly recap or just capture the essence in quick time. It'll be great if we can also highlight/select some part(s) and bookmark them too.

A way to highlight selections (already plugins available) will be provided, whose meta-data (DOM properties) will be captured. This meta data can be saved either locally or on cloud, this bookmarks the URL along with the selections. While browsing through this bookmarks, it opens up the original URL along with the selections. We can navigate through each individual selection, if there are multiple in a page with lot of content.

Proposed solution:
 In browser viewing, the reader/user should be able to select/highlight his preferred selections (text or other resources) on the web page
 These will be bookmarked together along with the page URL
 Upon revisiting the bookmark...