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Social media application award Smartphone dictionary.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244697D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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This idea includes adding application awareness in smart phone dictionary software. This idea describes collection of frequently used words from webserver of the application at the time of installation so that dictionary will start suggesting appropriate words to the user which he has used in that application before installation on the smartphone. This reduces the training time of Smartphone dictionary for newly added application.

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Social media application award Smartphone dictionary .

Disclosed is a method of adding application awareness in smart phone dictionary to get the frequently used words. Modern Smartphone provides a mechanism to install social media applications like Facebook, Gmail, Lotus Traveller, etc. These applications are used to connect with users social media account. These applications also provide feature to connect with these application using Smartphone virtual keyboard interface like composing emails, chatting window, etc. This keyboard interface manager (Dictionary) keeps the history of frequently used words and provides suggestion to user. These suggestions are primarily based on the frequency of usage of the word by user and independent of application installed on the system. This mechanism needs many initial user interactions to make the dictionary mature enough to give the word suggestions expected by user. Initial user interaction meant, keyboard suggestion mechanism takes time to give it correct suggestion as per user requirement. When user enters any word then the word count to that word is increased and as per that the Smartphone dictionary suggests the word for user next time.

Existing Solution:

    There is an existing and commonly used solution available to solve this problem of Smartphone dictionary which collects the word count after usage of the words and suggest he word which has high count. This mechanism has flaws that user need to type these words many times since he started using the phone. Also this mechanism is application insensitive. This means the dictionary evolution is independent of application. If some user ported his application from laptop to his Smartphone and using some specific set of words in that application, then he again need to type all those words again for some days to get the dictionary mature for these words. There are existing mechanisms available to add contacts when new social media application is installed. This proposed idea is near to that and claims to add contacts, Outbox, sentbox, chat history, etc when new application is installed.


    Proposal is to reduce the effort of Smartphone user to get mature and expected dictionary suggestions when he installs some social media application. Social media applications like Gmail, Facebook usually needs heavy keyboard interaction. As usage of keyboard is more, dictionary suggestions are come into picture. As user started using the application, dictionary suggestions becomes more relevant. In other words, user needs to teach his Smartphone dictionary about the wordset while using the app. The Smartphone dictionary should be enough smart to collect the frequently used wordset from web servers of these socia...