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Smart Document Organizer

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244703D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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The application automates the task of organizing documents scattered across the system. It deals with searching and categorization of files into folders based on the input criteria, by using the default search, copy, move, folder creation, and delete abilities of windows operating system. The application can be launched from the windows context menu and it provides a simple single window interface with easy to use controls to define search criteria along with the facility to queue search criteria combinations. The application provides an interface to organize documents with just a click and the least possible manual intervention.

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Smart Document Organizer

The application can be launched from a location where the user wants to organize files or create folders to consolidate files from other locations. The interface is divided into three sections.

The first section displays the search locations. The user can select one or more search locations.

The second section allows the user to select or enter the search criteria. The search criteria can be file contents, extensions, keywords, date or date range, author, tags, keywords, any other metadata and a text field for regular expressions and free text. The search criteria can be a combination of different criteria. For example, the user may want to consolidate all "PDF" and "Word" documents with the keyword "commerce" and "analytics" created in the "month" of "January", in which case, the user can select or enter the values accordingly. After selecting the search criteria, the user can queue the search criteria combination. Once a search criteria combination is added to the collection, the fields are reset to allow the user to add the next combination.

The third section displays the list of queued search criteria combinations in one column and the next column displays the progress indicators, when the file organization begins. Once the files are organized into folders, the folders can be accessed by clicking the destination folder links generated in the third column. The section also provides up and down arrow buttons to order the search combina...