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A method for intelligent notification of reminders and events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244705D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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A method for intelligent notification of reminders and events

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A method for intelligent notification of reminders and events
Disclosed below is a method for intelligently notifying mobile device users of reminders and events.

a. Most calendar applications have a facility to notify the user of an impending event via various means - pop-up dialogs (on desktops), alert tones, notifications and vibrations (on mobile devices), vibrations and alert tones (on wearable devices).

b. These systems provide notifications based on time, some applications provide notifications based on location (Google Keep). However, these applications / systems are not unaware of whether or not the user needs to be notified at that point in time.

c. Current solutions make use of a pre-configured time / location to notify users.

d. This article proposes a solution to notify users of events only when there is a need to do so. Unnecessary notifications are distractions. This aims to reduce / remove such distractions by providing notifications that are relevant to the user.

The aim is to provide intelligent notifications to users that are relevant at a particular time and context based on integration of several technologies including
a. GPS location
b. Indoor location using beacon technology
c. Unified communications (e.g. Sametime Unified Telephony)

Let's begin the description with the explanation of how a typical notification works.

a. A user uses a "client" software to keep track of calendar events.

b. The client software alerts the user of an upcoming event by means of an alert appropriate to the device (pop-up notification, vibration or sound alert, etc.)

c. The user can choose to defer the alert (snooze) or act on the alert (and complete it).

In most instances, acting on the alert is out of the scope of the client softwa...