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Pollution Control Bar Alert Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244715D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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This Article depicts in illustrating how to manage and be successful in providing a solution to control and be cautious on pollution which has been menace over the decades and making end users alert, so that they can leverage and identify and fixing the problems of their own vehicles and be beneficial to the environment and this contributing in minimizing global warming effect.

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Pollution Control Bar Alert


Inspired with concept on how to evaluate the carbon control which isaffecting the environment and which has also been cause for greenhouse effect. The pollutants released into the atmosphere cause local air pollution and as we have Fuel indicator why shouldn't there be a pollution check bar.

Problem Statement:

Currently there isn't anything in-built for vehicles which indicates for pollution evaluation value that which effectively notifies the user/driver on how much they cost/contribute pollution to the environment on daily /weekly basis. Pollution check control vans which do show us the vehicles which can validated for 6 months and its cumbersome to check that always to read your value . So in order to have awareness on how much a vehicle is causing and that's implied that don't use vehicle but to be more cautious on how much calculated pollution to environment and thus minimize the damage caused by vehicles.


The solution is primarily focused on being more deterministic on the pollution. So we can maintain pollution bar check &value (numeric value) which can be displayed to the end user who can visually see the number & bar and directing them make appropriate decisions on using their vehicle finally avoiding using of vehicle for unnecessary reasons, walk able distances once you they have received threshold of the bar for pollution .However, vehicles travelling longer distances will surely be challenge.

A bar wh...