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Sound less motor vehicle (car or bike) horn. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244716D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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Disclosed is a device for making sound less motor vehicle overtaking signals using lights and cameras fixed to the motor vehicles to reduce the noise pollution.

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Sound less motor vehicle (car or bike) horn.

City roads and highways are crowded with motor vehicles. As a result drivers blow horn to get a way to go forward on the road. A driver blows horn to indicate the driver of the other vehicle running in front of him to let him know that he wants to overtake/move forward.

Some drivers close the doors, place the music of the car and cannot hear the horn blowing from behind. As a result the driver of the motor vehicle who wants a way to overtake blows the horn continuously to get the way to overtake. This causes lot of noise pollution and creates lot of disturbance and irritation. Motor vehicle horn without sound can stop noise pollution.

The device consists of two or more cameras placed at the rear side of the motor vehicles. These cameras scan every fraction of a second, looking for contrast with the background. The software is programmed to recognize a particular pattern of flickering lights/LED light beam.

Two or more LED lights are mounted at the front side of the motor vehicle. When the driver, who wants to overtake the vehicle that is in front of him presses the horn switch, the lights which are mounted at the front side of the motor vehicle flickers in a particular pattern.

The cameras at the rear side of the motor vehicle are programmed in such a way that they identify the lighting pattern emitted by the motor vehicle at the rear side and send signals to the driver. OR a light flickers at the rear view mirror so...