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Medical equipment contamination verification apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244719D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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A method to ensure that only appropriately sterilized medical equipment is utilised.

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Medical equipment contamination verification apparatus

Medical equipment needs to be perfectly sterilized prior to being used on patients. A serious medical concern is whether the tools being used are really sterile or if they have been contaminated. Currently, as long as the equipment bag "looks" sealed, the tools inside are considered sterile, so safe to be used on patients.

    An effective way is needed to identify whether the content of a medical container is sterile or not, and if not, then drawing the attention to the nearest medical carer/supervisor The solution we propose is that of an 'intelligent' sterile bag, each with its own unique identifier. If the bag is compromised in some way, i.e punctured. the bag will physically alter its colour and a message will be transmitted to a central database which will have the unique identifier contained in the message. The medical professional in charge of the bag will then be notified.

    The sterile bags contain an outer skin, which is a pressurized cavity. Should the bag be punctured and the pressure in the cavity change a sensor will detect the release of pressure. A small computer within the bag will then detect the sensors signal and transmit its unique id using a standard protocol, for example, MQTT. This message is then transmitted to a central database, where the ID of the current

logged keeper of the bag is stored. The system then alerts the keeper of the bag,
e.g via pager, sms, alerting them that the bag is c...