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Method and system for translation & display of hand based vehicle signal. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244723D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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A program is disclosed by which local hand traffic signals can be translated into standardized traffic signal, and the translated signal will he shown to the driver

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Method and system for translation & display of hand based vehicle signal.

Most of the vehicles have automatic or visual light based signal. For example, applying break, taking left or right turn etc. we can find light based signal. In many places, drivers are using hand signals while driving the vehicle, most of the times, these hand signals are very difficult to understand. Following diagrams (Figure 1) are some examples of Hand signals while driving the vehicles.

Figure 1

Invention proposes a method and system by which

1. The driver proving the hand signal will be using wearable wrist device to give hand based signal. Different sensor installed in wrist wearable device will track the relative position/ movement of the device based on the position /movement of the hand.

2. The gather signal from wrist wearable device can be translated in same or in different vehicles, the signal from the wrist wearable device will be translated based on location based traffic rule and hand signal data.

3. The translated traffic signal from that vehicle will be displayed in the windscreen/ side mirror of the vehicle which is running behind / front of the said vehicle. At the same time signal can be shown to the vehicle which are running beside the said vehicle.

4. The translated signal from hand will be shown with visual and light based signal in the same vehicle.

Following diagram (Figure 2) are some examples of wristband wearable devices, the driver will wear one such devices in the hand used for providing hand signal. Different sensors (gyroscopic sensor,...