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Method of distributing battery charge cycle across targeted time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244759D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-11
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This article describes a device charging solution such that the device reaches a full charge at a pre-determined time. This time is determined from available data sources that are local and/or linked to the device that is being charged. This solution prevents overcharging or cyclic charging of the device.

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Method of distributing battery charge cycle across targeted time

Charging the battery of a device currently happens at the maximum rate set by both the device and the charger. This can result in the device being charged for longer than necessary, potentially causing damage to the battery. In addition electricity is being used when not required.

    Modern smart phones can prevent over charging by stopping the charging process when a battery reaches 100%, allowing it to discharge by 5-10% before resuming the charge. The drawbacks to this are that it may lead to unnecessary charge cycles, and the device is not guaranteed to have a full charge at the point which the device is taken off charge.

    A preferred solution would be to evenly distribute the charge cycle with a targeted completion time.

    An implementation of this would be to use the variables of starting and ending battery percentage (e.g 30% and 100%), a start time (the moment the device is put on charge) and a targeted end time (e.g the wake up alarm time of the device). Based on these factors the rate of charge can be determined in order to distribute the charge over the available period, and result in a fully charged device at the desired time without any unnecessary charge cycles.

A concrete example follows:

Start time = 12am
Alarm time = 8am
Charging period = 8 hours
Start battery percent = 30%

End battery percent = 100%

Charge required = 70%

Rate of charge = Charge required / (Charging period * 60) = 0.15 % pe...