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Managing user to role mappings based on social media connections Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244767D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-12
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Assignment of access roles to a new user based on identification of roles of similar users using social media connections.

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Managing user to role mappings based on social media connections

Security is becoming vital in Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social spaces, sensitive data and information needs to be highly protected. The secure access permissions are typically controlled by role based users. Assigning the right role to a user is very important and can reduce the risk of data disclosure. In a rapid growing digital environment, the number of users and their required roles can increase or change frequently and users will want their permitted access to the systems available immediately.

    A reliable peer granting access to a system can meet these requirements. A system that can provide recommendations on user's roles based on their professional social relationships with other users and can automatically map a user to these roles is required to meet the rapid demands of accessing a dynamic secure system.

    The problem solved is how to recommend which roles to give to a new user. Typically in products like IBM WebSphere Application Server this is done manually and therefore doesn't scale. It is difficult to assign a proper role to a new user and it can also be hard to avoid assigning some conflicting roles to a user when there are large number of roles available.

    Using professional social media like IBM Sametime, or IBM Connections information is gathered about a particular users relationship to other users. If a new user tries to use products like IBM WebSphere Application Server, instead of a superuser configuring the roles for that new user we use the relationship between the people in social media to recommend suitable roles for the new user. These could be granted automatically to the new user, but if necessary could be a recommendation to the superuser for the roles required by the new user.

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