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System and Method to Enable Seamless Live Demonstration

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244792D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-15
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Disclosed is a system and a method to ensure smooth fail over from a live demonstration to pre-captured materials (e.g., video, screen shots) to minimize the impact of any failures during a live system demonstration.

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System and Method to Enable Seamless Live Demonstration

Performing a live system demonstration (demo) (e.g., live coding, deployment, etc.) involves a great deal of risk because of the many unforeseen variables that can cause problems in a live situation. For example, the Wi-Fi at the venue might be slow or an unplanned power outage at the data center can cause the infrastructure to be unavailable. To ensure a successful demonstration, many failure and recovery scenarios need to be considered to ensure the demonstration can be recovered in case of failure scenarios. This can be a very time consuming process.

A common backup plan is to capture screen shots for each of the key screens and flip to the static screens in case of failure. Capturing each of the key screens and then making a smooth transition to the correct static screen not only takes time, but also is error prone.

This disclosure proposes a method to ensure smooth fail over from a live demo to pre-captured materials (e.g., video, screen shots) to minimize the impact of the failures during a live demonstration.

The novel system and method automatically capture all key screen shots and short videos based on common failures, as identified by the developer, while the developer is creating the presentation. The system automatically switches the live demo to pre-captured best contents (either screen shots of short videos) and switches back to the live demo as soon as the production issue is addressed/fixed. The levels of acceptable and unacceptable delays are integrated into the system.

To implement the system and method for creating a seamless live demonstration, the following components and processes are in place:

1. Capture module captures all screen shots as user starts to rehearse and record the demo

A. User can specify how to indicate the user starts to practice to record the demo. It can be linked to a video recording program and via a new button provided along with the video recording button.

    B. Leverage enabling art 2. Identify key screen module to help user identify key screen shots as user rehearses and records the demo

A. Key screen shots can be identified by a static screen where the user stays for a given period (e.g., longer than one minute) without switching to other panels. This is from the content interest aspect to determine key screen shots.

B. Key screen shots can also be identified as error prone screens where frequent failures (e.g., 50%) occur as the user rehearses and records the demo. This is from the failure recovery aspect to determine key screen shots for our system to enable seamless live demo.

C. System builds a database of hierarchical demo flow that maps the possible navigations through the window identifiers (e.g., 90% of the demo


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follows this route: Window3 -> Window45 -> Window7 -> Window3 -> Window90)

3. Short video capture module helps the user capture short video based on key screen shots as identified by the key screen m...