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Mobile On Demand Resources (MODR) App

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244797D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-15
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Disclosed is a system to implement a Mobile On Demand Resource (MODR) application that efficiently and effectively addresses client/customer support needs for short-term projects (i.e. one to five business days) by matching and deploying available experts. The approach utilizes change agents, who are experts that are available on demand to solve immediate client needs.

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Mobile On Demand Resources (MODR) App

Customers or clients of software or systems companies often require the support of experts to solve a problem with the product. Those experts do not always exist, or might not be available on short notice, within the client organization.

A system is needed to enable the service provider to quickly address and solve the client's problem with the help of an expert. There is untapped opportunity for a company to position themselves for these quick win opportunities, not only for small short term engagements that have a huge impact, but also to build client relationships for future business.

This solution is designed to tap into a product or service provider's pool of experts as a resource to fulfill very short term opportunities (i.e. from one to five business days), just- in-time, without any additional cost to the customer or middle resource sourcing mechanism such as a resource deployment manager. Currently there is no available solution to take advantage of such short-term opportunities. No existing solution can supply candidates just-in-time or even in a reasonable time for very short-term assignments.

The core idea of this innovation is to implement a group of On Demand resources that share availability for short term assignments among a pool of highly skilled resources. These individuals can accept a job based on a daily schedule or availability and based on an automatic matching of skillset, experience level, location, and assessment of prior engagements of a similar nature performed. This solution attempts to efficiently utilize available time of individual resources with niche skills by bringing very short-term assignments directly to the resource.

Fundamentally, this solution is aimed to drive personal utilization of highly skilled resources with a diverse set of opportunities at no additional cost to the customer, as well as instantaneously respond to customer requests. This solution can help customers in situations where resources are lacking or the cost of expertise is prohibitively high.

Unlike known solutions, the group of On Demand resources (change agents) is already identified and aware of this expectation. The requester is the person that needs support and leadership to solve challenging problems in the current business state.

The solution utilizes a mobile application (app) to communicate support requests and serve as the means for requestors and change agents to interact. With the new app, Mobile On Demand Resource (MODR), the user base consists of only two roles, one of which is the change agents , who are available on demand to solve immediate client needs. Change agents are strategically located around the country, able to switch projects or tasks immediately based on the current demand, provide leadership and problem solving for short-term client needs, are selected top performers in the provider company that interview to be on this team with strict entry criteria, and...