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A Facial Recognition Based Feedback System for Managing Distance between Device and User

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244810D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-18
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Many people spend a lot of time on their mobile device and tablet computer. It's common for people to look at the screen very closely for a prolonged duration. This could lead to eye fatigue and could cause other eye ailments, such as myopia. By detecting the change in distance between user and device based on a predefined distance threshold, the system will give feedback to users when they are too close to the device.

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A Facial Recognition Based Feedback System for Managing Distance between Device and User

Disclosed is a system to remind mobile and tablet device users when the users are looking at the screen too close. It relies on capturing user facial image from frontal camera and utilize vision recognition technology to detect change of distance between user and device, and automatically warns the user, based on a predefined distance threshold.

The proposed invention detects the change in distance based on pixel distance of facial features. Hence, the technique is not computationally intensive, yet the underlying image processing technology is mature. Another advantage is that the proposed invention does not require extra hardware for mobile device and the distance threshold is adjustable and defined by user.

The system will ask first-time user to capture a facial image at a close distance, which will be the threshold distance. With the face image, the system will use image processing technique to identify a set of facial feature points, and calculate the pixel distance of those points for that face image. It periodically captures the user's face image from the front camera and compares the feature points' distance with the threshold distance. When the current feature distance is larger than the threshold distance, it indicates that the user is getting too close to the device, so the system will issue a warning which will get user's attention and remind them to move away.