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Method and apparatus for a synchronous location sensitive text based IVR

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244811D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-18

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Method and apparatus for a synchronous location sensitive text based IVR The proposed method for Interactive Voice Response decentralizes the Text to Speech process of IVR by using Text to Speech feature of smart phone Operating System. The proposed method uses smart phone device at client side and hence enables location sensitive call handling by means of GPS . The proposed method uses data channel for communication unlike voice network in case of traditional IVR and hence enables flexible call handling with no time out. This method offers mode of communication not limited to voice and Text, but more digitally rich comminication like real time Image captured by Camera of Client device can be sent as an Input to proposed Digital IVR system. The proposed method reduces the requirement of centralized infrastructure and commercial implementation can be built to offer low cost solution for small to medium scale business

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Method and apparatus for a synchronous location sensitive text based IVR


With emerging new trends in business competition to provide better customer experience and quick services is also becoming Challenging. Business offers IVR channel to its customers to be able to communicate with its representatives and automated systems. IVR is a voice call over the telecommunication network and incur charges towards the usage. It also limits the interaction to voice and caller can provide basic information only. Also IVR systems converting voice to text and vice versa are centrally implemented and costly and hence out of reach for small scale businesses. Callers make a voice call which remains active continuously throughout the session which restricts the callers to finish the process in one go failing to provide larger time breaks in-between as IVR systems cannot be made to wait infinitely i.e IVR has a time out and is real-time.

Traditional IVR systems can accept only numeric inputs as DMFT, whereas the proposed method enables caller to provide input from wide range of methods other than numeric values.

Over the traditional IVR a very limited information can be captured from caller. To capture detailed inputs manual call attendant is required to understand caller's concern. Caller cannot provide supported artifact like images or videos over the IVR session.

Business may have different methods or process for handling customer request for different geographical boundaries which is not feasible to implement over the traditional IVR.

Thus IVR systems are traditional and are not aligned with emerging technology trends for a digital enterprise accessible through mobile devices in an off voice link mode. This gap can be overcome through the method and apparatus we propose through this invention. With the proposed method and apparatus presented in our invention, overall cost of IVR can be reduced. It also becomes possible to identify and handle customer request based on his current logical geographical boundaries. It enables to offer more personalized services to the caller. It enables to understand and respond to caller's concerns in broader scope. It enables caller to provide supportive artifacts and additional information in the form of media like images and videos and avoids cost of manual process.

Text based IVR which is location sensitive and synchronous

Text based IVR which is location sensitive and synchronous.

.. Low cost cloud based Services can be offered for complete

customer communication without implementing IVR.


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Current limitations of IVR systems can be overcome through the apparatus we propose:

Novelty of the solution is,

1. To implement voice to text and vice versa conversions at client Application only

2. More detailed user responses comprise of alphabets, words can be captured

3. More open ended questions can be set as part of automated system, For example.

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