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A method for improving reconnects on phone calls via data negotiation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244815D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-18
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A method is described to quickly and efficiently re-establish a closed phone call connection between two internet-enabled telephones. Normally the users of the two previously connected telephones would try to establish a new telephone call between each other but often fail because they are not coordinated and will try to establish a call at the same time. This method allows each telephone to attempt to contact the other via a push notification to determine which telephone should initiate the reconnection, and thus only one phone will initiate the call and lead to a successful reconnection.

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A method for improving reconnects on phone calls via data negotiation

This disclosure addresses the following real-world typical scenario:
Two people are having a phone call.


One person's phone drops signal, or some other event occurs, and the phone


call is subsequently disconnected.

Both people try to call each other again.


Both people get sent to voice mail.


    This is inconvenient for the users and is also a detriment to the phone carrier as it will reduce the perceived quality of the phone network and of the phone itself.

    It will also create a higher cost to the network as there will be more unnecessary connections to the network cell which exacerbates existing network load issues, and puts strain on voice mail systems.

Current solutions are either "auto redial" or "call return", which are services

that a network service provider may offer. These services require resource from the service provider, and cost the user an additional charge.

    We propose a system that will automatically aid the reconnection of a call, fairly, assuming both phones have data connectivity (such as wi-fi).

    By sending confirmation signals across a data network, the phones can inform one another of when the signal for either side has returned.

Initiator = The phone that has started the initial call

Receiver = The phone that accepted the initial phone call
In this example, say a disconnect occurs because the...