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FIBC Handling and Emptying System for Hollow Glass Microspheres

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Publication Date: 2016-Jan-20
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FIBC Handling and Emptying System for Hollow Glass Microspheres

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FIBC Handling and Emptying System for Hollow Glass Microspheres

Hollow glass microspheres are engineered alternatives to conventional fillers and additives such as silicas, calcium carbonate, talc, clay, etc, for many demanding applications.

Customers typically buy hollow glass microspheres packed in cardboard boxes (Gaylord boxes) and often have difficulty emptying them using a double diaphragm pump and a wand because hollow glass microspheres are a cohesive powder when no fluidization is applied and thus one operator is needed to move the wand into the box to feed the pump. Therefore, this operation cannot be 100% automated.

Another option is to use hollow glass microspheres packed in a FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), also called a big bag or bulk bag) but this requires investment in an unloading station for FIBC which can be expensive if one wants a dust proof system.

Local regulations on maximum loads that operators are allowed to carry are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore there is a strong need to develop cheap and safe ways of handling/unloading hollow glass microsphere containers.

A unique solution is to use a suspended FIBC with a basic hoist and a wand. Because of the flexible walls of the container hollow glass microspheres can easily flow at the bottom of the FIBC to feed the pump using the wand inserted from the top of the FIBC.