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Phone with self mute function in conference call Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244869D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-25
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A mobile phone auto mute function is introduced in this article for multiple person call conference.

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Phone with self mute function in conference call

When people join a multiple person call conference , there is always some background noise which makes the call hard to follow and reduce the efficiency of the meeting. The best practice for this is all the audience keep mute their phone when others are speaking and just turn off the mute function when they are required to speak .

These are many noise source, it could be echo of an auditor, engine roaring, people laughing/talking. But all these unexpected noise make attendance distracted.

Mute your phone and leave the channel to presenter is probably the best way to have a high quality and joyful call conference . But sometimes, people just forget to mute when they are listening and make the conference very unpleasant . Even more if people forget to cancel mute when his turn to speak it also make the conference more confused . In this case, it cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience for all participants.

To resolve this problem, this article a method provides by phone with auto-mute function in conference call. The mute function is able to be turned on during the call when people are just listening and to be canceled when people are speaking .

This method only require very limit hardware resource and make no lag for the call.

It will be a very great experience if people are using this function in the call, especially when you join the call in public area or outside the room.

Image this is a fifty or hundred people call, even a little ground noise makes the call bad.

Most of the noise influence the call quality is from background like engine roaring, car horn, people talking, etc. The statistic data show the decibel of a quiet office/street is around 50dB. A quiet...