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System to monitor chat sessions and notify users when they are actively needed in a group chat. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244872D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-25
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Chat applications have become an effective way of communication. Typically, in a group chat with many participants, not every ping is directed to all the users in a chat. Our novel disclosed mechanism provides the way to notify users only when they are referenced in a chat session, so that they can multitask while involved in a group chat.

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System to monitor chat sessions and notify users when they are actively needed in a group chat

System to monitor chat sessions and notify users when they are actively needed in a group chat. .

Disclosed is a system to notify users when they are actively needed in a group chat, allowing user to multitask while participating in a group chat.

Group chats provide a platform for various parties to work together. Often there are situations, where one issue has a lot of dependencies and needs collaboration from different technical teams and management teams. All the members working on an issue are not active at all the times, but they need to monitor the chat session continuously to see if there are any questions or actions for them. Some members of the chat may have less or intermittent actions on them. These users have to monitor the whole chat because the ping on group chat sends notification to everyone on chat. This results in reduced efficiency and improper allocation of time. The proposed solution tries to address this problem.

Limitations of the current chat applications :

- The existing chat applications need users to monitor the chat at all the times.

- Users have limitations to multitask when engaged in a group chat, where actions are intermittent and they are primarily monitoring the chat.
- Users can't be away from the computer for a long time if they are engaged in a group chat or if they are expecting an important ping.

- Traditional approach to monitor group chat reduces productivity, if active engagement is intermittent.

- Traditional chat applications don't send notifications on an email or a phone.

Description of the proposed disclosure :

Disclosed system proposes the status called 'Exclusive' status, in which users would be notified only if they are referenced. Whenever user is in exclusive status, there is no need to monitor the chat continuously for any action. User would get notified automatically on the communication mode specified in the 'exclusive' status settings.

Claims of the invention :

1. Proposed is an idea that notifies user only when the set keyword appears in a chat, allowing user to multitask. Hence there is no need to monitor the chat where direct action is not needed at all the times.


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2. The system to notify user via email, SMS or phone call, when 'exclusive' mode is set.

3. Proposed solution defines an 'Exclusive' status for the user. Other users in chat would also know that user is not monitoring the chat actively, based on the exclusive status. If required, they will have to reference the user explicitly. So, this status is transparent to other users in chat.

4. Proposed method is for user or chat specific notification. User can be in an exclusive status only for a particular chat session. User would be notified as usual for every ping in all other chats sessions.

5. This also allows users to multitask. Users can be away from computer when engaged intermittently or expect important...