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Metering flow across a wide range of flows in disposable single use apparatus

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244904D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-28
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Many low cost Single‐Use (SU) liquid flow meters have a limited operating range, typically smaller than the operating range needed. This publication records that it has been found that two or more flow meters arranged in parallel via a manifold can be selected for sensing depending on the amount of flow, or the range of flow to be measured. A flow meter most suitable for the flow can be selected, thereby collectively covering a wider range of flows. Selection can be manual, for example by opening or closing manually operable valve, or automatic, for example by operating electrically operable valves.

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Metering flow across a wide range of flows in disposable single use 


Many low cost Single‐Use (SU) liquid flow meters have a limited operating range, typically  smaller than the operating range needed.  

This publication records that it has been found that two or more flow meters arranged in  parallel via a manifold can be selected for sensing depending on the amount of flow, or the  range of flow to be measured. A flow meter most suitable for the flow can be selected,  thereby collectively covering  a wider range of flows.  Selection can be manual, for example  by opening or closing manually operable valve, or automatic, for example by operating  electrically operable valves.  



The left hand diagram shows schematically the output 10 from the retainate side of a  tangential flow filtration  module, or the like, which can have a high flow or a lower flow  flowing in the direction of the arrow. Electrically operable rotary or solenoid valves 12 are  used to direct that flow either along a wider path for higher flows, or a narrower path for  lower flows. In the wider path is a ultrasonic clamp‐on flow meter 16 which is capable of  measuring the flow range in that path. In the narrower path is another flow meter ...