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Identify PDF Documents and Document Properties Inside Individual PDFs in a Zip Package

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244909D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-28
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Identify PDF Documents and Document Properties Inside Individual PDFs in a Zip Package

Authors: Marquis Waller, DR Palmer, Michael Lotz, Jeffrey Sikkink, Joe Stradling

    In many shops individual pdf files are really documents of a larger job that need to be ran through a workflow. Keeping each PDF file as a job in a system causes a lot of overhead in the system as well as tracking, sequencing, and many other issues that come along with having separate documents to manage that should be tied together. Current solutions try to do this with association in the software but still force the user to manage each document separately

    Disclosed is a process that provides the ability to take a set of PDF files and group them into 1 job. While grouping them together, a control file can be applied to each pdf file that is being grouped and all of the document properties from each file can be pulled off.

    This process works by taking a set of PDF files that are contained in a zip file. The pdf files are then merged into one pdf file. As this is being done a control file is applied to each PDF file. This control file identities document information for each PDF file and stores it in RPD. This allows the RPD system to record the document boundaries and properties based on the control files. It is possible that one pdf file contains multiple documents or that multiple pdf files make up one document. The invention does not limit the possibilities, but makes them much easier to implem...