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Novel File Semantic defining a combination of a Static Image with added Audio Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244927D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-01
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The technical area of this idea is about a new file defining a combination of a static image with added audio called 'Sounded Picture'

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Novel File Semantic defining a combination of a Static Image with added Audio

Current technology:

The following possibilities are available for image and sound storage:

• static images (no sound) File - semantic: .jpg, tiff, giff, png + SVG • video (animated pictures + sound): mp4, wmv, flv, ….

• Audio only: wav, mp3, vobis, ….

So far there is no standardized file format available that combines a static image with added audio.

The idea is to define a new novel file format which extends a static image file format to include a recorded audio related to the image.

Fig. 2 outlines the current available file format organization for pictures stored in jpg compressed format. It consists of a sequence of markers or marker segments. Each marker consists of two bytes: an FF byte followed by a byte which is not equal to 00 or FF and specifies the type of the marker.


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Fig. 3 outlines the an MP3 file format structure as an example for audio files. An MP3 file is made up of MP3 frames, which consist of a header and a data block. This sequence of frames is called an elementary stream. Due to the "byte reservoir", frames are not independent items and cannot usually be extracted on arbitrary frame boundaries. The MP3 Data blocks contain the (compressed) audio information in terms of frequencies and amplitudes. Fig. 3 shows that the MP3 Header consists of a sync word, which is used to identify the beginning of a valid frame. This is followed by a bit indicating that this is t...