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Testing virtual images by extension Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244933D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-02
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Testing software using virtual images from within by extension

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Testing virtual images by extension

Often testing of code and configuration is done within a simple environment which does not match the expected environment in which that code will eventually run. A sequence of tests is run against a software component where there is the possibility of contamination from one test to a later test, and cleaning up the environment between tests is expensive and error prone. There is a need to be able to test code and configuration within a predictable environment with minimal impact to that environment.

    This article describes a solution to the specific problem of testing code and configuration which is packaged as a virtual image which uses a technology which supports extension of virtual images with additional software and configuration.

    Testing of a virtual image typically involves starting that image and then running commands which connect to the image from outside, or require extending the image to add something like an SSH server to allow commands to be run remotely.

    The approach is to test software by using virtual images "from within" by extension. Starting from a virtual image which includes the software to be tested which has been installed and configured to run as expected. Create a new image which extends the image to be tested, add the test material to that image and when the extended image is started, run the tests within the environment and exits with an indication of success or failure. Each successive test starts with the original image so there...