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Smart device with analyze capability for sleep Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244944D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-04
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Nowadays more and more people having sleep problem will listen to music/sound to get sleep sooner. There are smart ear phone/bracelet to collect person’s body data, like their breathing rate/breathing sound/deep sleeping hour/shallow sleeping hour and present this data to people. But few devices will be interconnected and analyze these data, build model and then provide better treatment for people with sleep problem. This system will control sleep environment/interconnected devices with analyze capability to help people with sleep problem get sleep and wake up easier. These data could be uploaded to cloud and data mining/analyze, machine learning technology should be used to build/modify sleep models for individuals and generate rules to control interconnected devices in the sleep system. Study can be conducted for certain area/country/time using a large number of sleep samples.

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Smart device with analyze capability for sleep

Our smart sleep system with interconnected devices and strong analyze capabilities could collect/analyze data, build/modify sleeping model and control the sleep environment to provide prediction and treatment automatically. This system will analyze which kind of sound is more likely to help people get sleep. This system will use the historic data to learn the user sleep habit, like any sleep cycle. This system will automatically control the interconnected devices to adjust the sleep environment, like reduce the music volume as people going sleep. This system will control the radio/smart phone to play sound and control the light to illuminate gradually to mimic the natural wake up process. This system will open the coffee machine/ right after people get up.

This system will detect/collect data like breathing rate, breathing sound, heartbeat rate~ using interconnected devices/sensors to analyze the exciting degree of the user This system will decide the solution such as which kind of sound to play and play time based on historic model/rules and user's exciting degree

This system will analyze if user is having shallow sleep after a certain time; if yes, e.g., the volume of the sound will turn down gradually; if no, this system will re-measure user's exciting degree and decide action/rules, like change a sound type/delay the play time


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This system will e.g. stop the sound played by smart phone/radio once user having deep sleep

This system will start smart phone to play sound and turn on the light a short time before the predicted wake up time of user

This system will control devices to automatically increase the sound and light to mimic the natural wake up process

This system will automatically start the coffee machine/water heater based on rules

when user wake up


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This sleep system are comprised of the analyze system in the cloud and internet of thing that interface with user.

The analytic system has 3 parts: sleep database, analytical model and Rules. The internet of thing includes all the interconnected devices like bed, light, air conditional, smart phone, coffee machine, water heater~ in the sleeping environment.

The sleep history data are stored in database. Data are used to analyze correlations


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