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Architecture of an IP/MPLS Network with Hardened Pipes (RFC7625) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244961D
Original Publication Date: 2015-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Feb-04
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J. T. Hao: AUTHOR [+4]


IP leased line services, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), and Time- Division Multiplexed (TDM) leased line services are commonly offered by operators worldwide.

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Independent Submission                                         J. T. Hao Request for Comments: 7625                  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Category: Informational                                    P. Maheshwari ISSN: 2070-1721                                      Bharti Airtel, Ltd.                                                                 R. Huang                                                             L. Andersson                                                                  M. Chen                                             Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd                                                              August 2015

          Architecture of an IP/MPLS Network with Hardened Pipes


   This document describes an IP/MPLS network that has an infrastructure    that can be separated into two or more strata.  For the    implementation described in this document, the infrastructure has    been separated into two strata: one for the "Hard Pipes", called the    "Hard Pipe Stratum", and one for the normal IP/MPLS traffic, called    the "Normal IP/MPLS Stratum".

   This document introduces the concept of a Hard Pipe -- an MPLS Label    Switched Path (LSP) or a pseudowire (PW) with a bandwidth that is    guaranteed and can neither be exceeded nor infringed upon.

   The Hard Pipe stratum does not use statistical multiplexing; for the    LSPs and PWs set up within this stratum, the bandwidth is guaranteed    end to end.

   The document does not specify any new protocol or procedures.  It    does explain how the MPLS standards implementation has been deployed    and operated to meet the requirements from operators that offer    traditional Virtual Leased Line (VLL) services.

Hao, et al.                   Informational                     [Page 1]
 RFC 7625                      Hard IP Pipes                  August 2015

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