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SBW Rotary polystable 3 position shifter concept 2

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244974D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-04

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Jonathan Love: AUTHOR


Design of a rotary shifter, with 3 positions and the use of 4 blocking solenoids.

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SBW Rotary polystable 3 position shifter concept 2 June 16 2015.

Inventor: Jon Love


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Concept overview

This concept is a 3 position polystable shifter with a Park button in the center of the knob or located on the shifter bezel.

End of travel hard stops Park lock
Neutral lock
Auto park

Selective blocking is an added function this concept provides.


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Terms and Naming

Option #2: P button on bezel.

End of travel slot 1

Solenoid #1 (Red center reflects passive/engaged position.)

Solenoid #4

Solenoid #2

Option #1: P button in center of knob.

End of travel slot 2

Solenoid 3 (White center reflects active/disengaged.)


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Park (all solenoids passive/engaged)

With the key off all four solenoids are passive. Regardless of slot orientation to the solenoids two solenoids engage opposite ends of end of travel slots. This blocks rotation of the shift knob.

With the vehicle in the run position, brake not depressed, the cluster could display a message such as "depress brake to select gear.


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Vehicle in Run mode with brake depressed
(two solenoids passive and two solenoids active)

Brake depressed

The shifter energizes three solenoids located at the two opposite ends of the slots and the one that is not engaged in a slot. This allows selection of either D or R.

The shifter also turns off Park display and displays Neutral.

Note the solenoid that remains passive/engaged into the slot provide end of travel hard stops.


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Shift knob rotated clockwise. Solenoid 3 provides an end of travel hard stop.


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Reverse (with selective blocking)

When in reverse.

In the orientation shown, Solenoid 2 could be de- energized above a predetermined vehicle speed and used to selectively block shifting to D without blocking a shift to N.


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Shift knob rotated counter clockwise. Solenoid 3 provides an end of travel hard stop.


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Drive (with selective blocki...