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SetPageDevice Command to PDF Bookmark Conversion Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244975D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-04
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A method extends the Postscript to PDF conversion process to incorporate a list of known SPD (SetPageDevice) commands to further enable the postscript to PDF conversion for FreeFlow. The method allows FreeFlow to retain information about which pages had associated SPD commands which could then be leveraged in the workflow.

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SetPageDevice Command to PDF Bookmark Conversion

There is a need for workflows that use SetPageDevice (SPD) commands to migrate from postscript (PS) to PDF. Customers using SPD commands must remain in PS-based workflows.

This proposal is an extension to PS to PDF conversion which would capture and store SPD commands in a PDF construct.

The PS -> PDF conversion engine would have a list of known SPD commands.

When processing a PS file, the conversion engine does two things:

1. Keep track of the PDF pages that are created as part of the PS -> PDF conversion

2. Look for one or more of the defined SPD commands

As the PS file is being converted, the conversion engine looks for one of a finite list of SPD commands in the postscript. The conversion engine also tracks the PDF pages that the PS to PDF conversion creates. As part of the PDF creation, the conversion engine stores the SPD commands as PDF bookmarks in the PDF. The PDF bookmarks are associated with the PDF page to which the SPD command would apply. The contents of the PDF bookmarks is the SPD command itself.  The resultant PDF would have metadata that indicates which SPD commands are related to which PDF pages.  

When creating the PDF file, the conversion engine would remove invalid characters from the SPD command text and store said text as a bookmark pointing to the PDF page that was generated when processing the PS content that contained the SPD commands.

Other possible implementations would use a different PDF metada...