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SLADE: A Scalable Low-cost System for Disseminating Targeted Advertisements in Developing Regions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244980D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-04
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A system for placing and displaying advertisements that allows retail owners to update their latest discounts and offerings, and present these advertisements to shoppers based on certain search keywords and location. The advertisements can be placed on a cloud server by retailers or someone acting on their behalf and retrieved onto a smart phone by consumers.

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SLADE: A Scalable Low-cost System for Disseminating

Targeted Advertisements in Developing Regions

Aritra Dhar Shailesh Vaya Anirban Mondal


Marketing forms the crucial backbone in today's fast moving world of e-commerce, so much so that organizations marketing strategies can constitute 60% of their overall expenses. Targeted advertisement to the right audience at the right time and location are the name of the game in online marketing. Slightly misplaced, advertisements can be form of major nuisance to the customers and can be easily considered spam. Thus, the push form of advertisement is being increasingly put to sword.

 On the other hand, the developing countries usually have a large number of small scale retail owners which together form major chunk of the overall commerce. Due to the the low volumes of their sales, these retailers do not have sufficient resources to engage full on communication and marketing services or customer relationship management. To advertise there latest products, promotions and discount offerings, these retailers have traditionally resorted to paper or vinyl form of advertisements which are fast growing archaic and ineffectual.

 Considering the above two challenges, we develop a system SLADE, that supports a PULL based form of advertising, which presents a centralized platform for the retail owners to update their latest discounts and offerings on the SLADE system. Furthermore, SLADE is associated with a light weight smart phone app using which customers can search for discounted products and offerings by sending a few textual keywords on the cloud server of SLADE (while specifying their current localities). The answers returned by the cloud server are organized according to relevance criteria specified by the customer and their exact GPS locations. Thus, the SLADE system brings together both the customers and small retailers in a mutually beneficent manner.


Low cost marketing system, Targeted Advertisements, Scalable

1 Introduction

In the fast paced modern world, 60% to 80% of the cost of many products charged to a customer are because of the money spent on marketing of the product. Thus, irrespective of the

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inherent worth of the object being sold, the advertising strategy can make or break the sales of the product and the business invested in it. Reaching out to audience by paper fLyer's and vinyl boards or tv/radio commercials has been the primary approach by which small scale businesses reach their audience. This methodology is s...