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Automatic targeting/FMH setup for Interior Head Impact Upper (FMVSS201u) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244982D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-04
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Automatic targeting/FMH setup for Interior Head Impact Upper (FMVSS201u)

Manual targeting and head set up consumes 20% of the complete head impact assessment timing. Best In Class (BIC) targeting (ESI) and head setup (ANSA) software were not compatible, using this methodology the timing of these processes would be reduced around 75%. There is not commercial software/tool that integrates the advantages of targeting and FMH setup under 201u. Several semi- automatic non-consolidated sub processes were developed previously. The methodology links the current BIC software for these tasks. This project represent an integral interior head impact upper process (from initial targeting to complete load cases assessment) comprehensive for any engineer with basic CAE skills.



Current automatic ESI targeting output creates an .xml file that contains targets coordinates as well as horizontal and vertical approach angles for the free motion head (FMH) setup. ANSA head setup tool requires a .k file with an LS-Dyna format to read this information in order to perform the automatic setup. Through this methodology, the user can easily create this LS-Dyna file with the necessary information for ANSA to perform the automatic setup. Once the automatic setup is finished, the user can create the directory structure containing the .k models for every hit and run the analyses in the HPC server.


This methodology allows us to reduce 75% of time from the original process...